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All Other Sticker Needs

We use our vinyls for EVERYTHING!

A 100th day of school shirt? Print some stickers.

Water bottles for the gym are boring? Print some stickers. 

Walls in the house need some color? Print some stickers....and some wraps!

Seriously, the options are endless. Chelsea has spent the last 10 years learning the different vinyl types + testing & installing on different surfaces. She can point you in the right direction no matter what types of vinyl you need. 

Just send her an email at to let her know what you have in mind. Then check out some of her random vinyl uses below!

tyj etjh.jpg
100th day of school shirt
party favors
organizational labels
wall mural
vinyl lettering
just for fun!
decals for a custom backsplash
customized kids kitchen- faux marble countertop + tiled backsplash
wrapped toolbox
okay...this one isn't vinyl. but we made it & we love it!
wrapped mixer (it's actually red)
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