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All local helmets are custom designed & wrapped free of charge. So, please just email Chelsea if you're local & need your helmet wrapped! Click here to see our local wrap gallery. 
If you'd like to see more information on her band wrapping, check out her interview with ABC 11 here
All designs that are available for purchase here are also available for free download here. Any local company can edit, print, & install for you!

Hi! I’m Chelsea & I work in Garner, NC at a small sign company owned by my parents. My dad has been in the sign business for well over 45 years- back when he used to paint signs by hand.


We started wrapping doc bands at the beginning of 2019 when a mom came to us & said no local companies would agree to help her wrap her baby’s new Doc Band. I went to Cranial Tech myself and asked them to loan me a band so I could practice & test different methods of application & different materials. I would wrap the helmet every three days or so & see how it held up. Ultimately, I decided on a fantastic material that will long outlive the life of your helmet!

These wraps are printed on a vinyl made for low energy plastics (like your helmet!). They come laminated so no amount of scratching or exposure is going to damage or fade them. If you're ordering decals, the adhesive is so strong they won’t peel off- even without mod podge! Yet, you can also remove all wraps and decals without damage to band.


My daughter recently started Kindergarten, and I made some custom stickers from this material for her water bottles & school supplies. They have exceeded my expectations, so we are now launching custom name labels as well.


I have been wrapping vehicles for a decade, but now I'm really excited to be bringing my creativity & wrap knowledge to families looking for fun, customizable, long-lasting decals & wraps at home!  

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