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  • What side is my baby's velcro on?
    The answer to this question is always from the baby's perspective. Is the velcro on THEIR right or left hand side?
  • What tools do you recommend for home installation?
    For our wraps, you can find all of this info in our detailed installation videos! For our decals, nothing is needed!
  • Can I switch the wrap/decals up periodically?
    Absolutely! The last video on my installation video page shows what to expect during removal. You can wrap, rewrap, swap decals, etc. as many times as you'd like. No mod podge or painted sealer required! We also offer wrap & decal bundle packs for this very reason!
  • I want to add my name to my decals/wrap order. What should I expect to receive?
    When adding a name to your wrap/decal order, you can expect to receive several name decals in different colors/sizes/fonts, so that you can choose which one you like best. I will use fonts that match with your design. For example, if you're ordering the Captain America wrap, I will use the font from the movie & the Avengers font. If you're ordering a very feminine, floral wrap, I will be sure to include a more delicate, script font that I feel has legible letters for your child's name. If you want to choose your own font, you can do so at Just include the name of your font choice in your order notes (where you enter shipping info). Please note that if you choose your own font, you will likely not receive additional choices as well. Please see below for some examples of wraps that were ordered & names that were sent.
  • Is my wrap going to be cut to size when I get it?
    No, and you wouldn't want it to! The vinyl material streches while you wrap it, and it would be practically impossible to pre-cut your wrap to size. You will receive a 21.5" x 9" rectangle of material when you purchase a wrap. You will install on the helmet & then trim to size. Please see our installation videos to see how this is done.
  • I want to send my helmet measurements with my order. How do I measure these?
    If you provide measurements, please include: circumference: back height: front height:
  • When can I expect my order to ship?
    You'll receive an email confirmation immediately after you place your order. Our standard shipping days are Tuesday and Friday. So, at a minimum, you can expect the following: (Eastern time zone) Orders placed Friday after 10am - Tuesday before 10am will ship out on Tuesday. Orders placed Tuesday after 10am - Friday before 10am will ship out on Friday. We ship via 2 day Fedex Express. You will also receive an email once your order ships with a tracking number. Please note that while we STRIVE to keep these ship dates, things do come up from time-to-time. Chelsea hand selects all fonts & personally prints all the helmet orders, so if an unexpected illness or an emergency comes up, this might delay shipping.
  • How can I take advantage of the free downloads?
    You can find our free downloadable designs on our website. These are intended for a local vinyl wrap company to download & install on your bands. We wanted to help as many families as possible, including those not local to us, so we decided to share all of the designs we have been wrapping our local families' bands with. The files are all in an editable format, so your local company can change the colors, add your baby's name, etc. If your local company is unwilling to edit the files, please reach out, as we will be happy to edit them for you for a small fee, usually around $10.
  • All of your wraps & designs seem to be for DOC Band helmets only. Will they work for Starbands, Hanger Helmets, and other Cranial Helmets?"
    Our free downloads are all set up for DOC Band brand helmets only, but that is only because it is the most popular helmet in our area. We do wrap all kinds of cranial helmets, and we want to help you wrap yours! Any of the wraps can be edited to fit your band. When checking out, just notate the type of band you have in the comments section (located in the section where you enter shipping info), and be sure to send photos to She will double check that the wrap is printed to fit your band. However, other style bands are more difficult to wrap, so if you can find a local company to do it for you, take advantage of that! Also, we now sell decals that don't require mod podge. These are intended to fit all bands, so you can take advantage of our awesome designs without having to wrap! If you need a free wrap download edited to fit a different style band, please just email & send photos of your band & what design you want. She will be happy to edit the design to fit your band & email you the print files FOR FREE to use at your local company.
  • Do you offer custom design services?
    Yes! We offer custom design services for local families for free. For non-local families, we do charge a fee, ranging from $15-$55 depending on intricacy level. We do not offer custom design services for anything involving logos/characters/etc. that contain copyrights. All custom design work includes proofs sent for approval & you can choose to have the final design file emailed to you for local printing or have the wrap/decals printed & shipped to you.
  • What are the "leftover" doc band wraps in your Clearance section?"
    Leftover doc band wraps are just wraps that we have printed that haven’t been used. We might print a wrap for someone locally & they don’t show up for the wrap or we might have accidentally printed 2 of the same wrap when we only needed 1. There’s nothing wrong with these wraps- they are just extra. They are already printed though & so customization isn’t an option.
  • There are designs in your wrap gallery that you don't have available for purchase. Can I purchase those designs?
    We do have many wraps in our wrap gallery that contain popular characters or team logos, and so, for copyright reasons, we don't have them listed for purchase on our website. We do all of these wraps for local families for free. Please email Chelsea if you are interested in one of these specific designs.
  • Be honest. Is wrapping the band difficult??
    This is such a hard question to answer! No, it is not the easiest thing in the world, but it definitely depends on your skill set. Are you good with your hands? Would you consider yourself crafty at all? Are you patient? We have uploaded many videos to help & to give you an idea of the process beforehand. We have gotten mostly wonderful feedback from parents about the process. But again, this really comes down to what you think is easy. Chelsea is a professional vehicle wrapper who has been to wrap school & has been working with wrap vinyl for almost a decade, so she is going to make it look a bit easier than it probably is for most people.
  • Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
    In short, no. The most often reason we are asked for a refund is because a wrap was brought to a "professional wrap installer" and they couldn't install the wrap/didn't do a good job installing the wrap. I was a professional vehicle wrap installer for a few years by the time I wrapped my first helmet. It was a disaster. I had to wrap it several times to get the hang of it & learn the process. This is why I have created the detailed installation videos, explaining everything I have learned about the process. Additionally, anyone can call themselves a wrap installer. Do they have wrap certifications? Have they wrapped a helmet before? We've hired several people who consider themselves wrap installers & so many of them have turned out to be poor wrappers. In reality, we just can't warranty anyone else's installations. That would be like buying paint in a custom color, hiring a painter who does a bad job, and then asking for a refund on the paint. If something is wrong with the wrap OF COURSE we will take care of it. If your installer screwed the wrap up, WE WANT TO HELP. I can send the digital files over free if they can reprint if for you. I can make you a custom discount code to get a new wrap for much cheaper, but we don't refund bad installations. If you just changed your mind on the wrap or no longer need it, you can possibly try to resell on a Facebook helmet group. However, with over 1000 designs currently available & two options for Velcro & the ability to customize anything about the wraps, we rarely sell the same wrap twice. We don't print the wraps until you place your order, so they are custom printed just for you. I just want to say this: We don't do this to be mean or make a bunch of money. The truth is, after paying for the vinyl, laminate, time to print/produce, the website, transaction fees, we don't make a huge profit any one of these orders. If we refund too many orders, it would literally cost us money to keep this store up and running. We try our hardest to keep all products affordable for you; I know the helmet is expensive already! If we allowed returns/refunds, we would have to, at a minimum, increase all our pricing. We try to do everything we can to help the helmet community. Locally, I wrap between 2-10 helmets a week. Two of those wraps are totally free. The additional ones (for any family who doesn't want to wait for a free spot) are designed & printed for free & we charge a small fee for the install (less than the price for you to buy a wrap). We also offer many of our designs as a digital file for free for any local company to print & install on your band. We actually don't do any of the doc band work to support our small business- including this site. This is quite truthfully just our community outreach that we offer as part of our "pay it forward", small business mindset.
  • I have a question that wasn't answered here.
    Email! She will almost always respond the same day, except for weekends.
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