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Photos & Testimonial From Parents Like You 

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Our daughter Jessa has finally finished her DOC Band journey after two helmets. We purchased wraps from your company for both and loved them! They were so easy to apply, my husband had no problems at all. She always got so many compliments on how cute her helmet looked with her wraps! The only issue we ran in to was getting ripples in the wrap but that was no fault of the wrap or company. This only happened when they would have to shave the helmet down in the outer edges as she progressed through the treatment. We will 100% recommend your wraps for anyone that wants to wrap a band! Thank you for making our baby look even more cute in her doc band! -Danielle B.

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In all honesty, the wrap was challenging and took wayyy longer to apply than I anticipated. I wanted it perfect (spoiler alert- let that idea go.. also, no one can tell that it’s not perfect). Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! It really made us fall in love with the docband and how adorable our baby was wearing it!  - Magen L.


Your decals are amazing!   They were super easy to apply, beyond durable (no mod podge has been used by us!), and so adorable!   We literally get compliments every day!  We love our decals!  It has made our helmet experience more fun and tolerable! - Jade V.

We did decals and had our helmet for 8 weeks with no issues. We used no over coat of any kind. I would highly recommend this company and it’s products! - Bailey H.

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Overall, my husband didn't have too much trouble going through the wrap process, though I think it posed more of a challenge to him than he thought it would. We ended up with a wrinkle on one space, and a bare spot toward the back, but we were able to cover it up with some of the extra strapping decals. We're pretty crafty people in general, but I think that a successful home-wrap is achievable with some patience.


The how-to video that you posted was really helpful, as was the way you design the wraps. Having the focal point to use as a guide, and the additional decals to stick on later, made the process much easier. I can't imagine how we would have managed to line up all the straps correctly if they had all been printed on the one decal. As an additional bonus, I ended up with extra strapping that I can put in our baby book as a memento of our time with the helmet.


Thank you again for making such a cute wrap for our little guy. Everyone was super impressed with it! -Jessica W.

One tip I've learned as far as the strap is that sharpie or even better a paint fabric pen works the best!  

Also, if you can obtain the styrofoam head for your baby's helmet, it doesn help in the wrapping process so that you don't accidentally alter the helmet and it helps to hold it.  Also, cutting conservatively first, waiting a couple days, and then trimming it worked well for us! - Kelli A.

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I highly recommend you use something to put the helmet on while you do the wrap. I think if I had had that it would have been a much easier experience. I think it turned out super great though and I love it! Henry gets so many compliments! - Haily K.

Since day one of him wearing the mini doc wrap they have received nothing but awesome reviews and comments. Everyone was impressed by the design we went with couldn’t have been more happy. He is currently in the process of receiving his second doc band and will definitely be using ur wrap design again for that one to. - Cynthia G.


We loved the stickers- they made such a difference. Such a variety- way more than you find on Etsy. Love love love. - Denise C.

I didn’t personally wrap the helmet but took it to a local sign shop and they did it for me. It has been a HUGE hit around the helmet specialist office and our community. 


Thank you for helping us have some fun on this journey! - Haley L.

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We love our wrap! - Jill C.

The process of the stickers was so easy! They peeled right off and were easy to replace if I didn’t like my initial placement. They are very high quality and came very quickly. Chelsea was so helpful in answering all of my questions and sent great options for the personalized name. I cannot recommend this enough! Thank you! It turned a boring white helmet into the R2D2 of our dreams! - Leigh H.

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It took 2 people about an hour to put it on and seal it with the tape but we are so happy with the results!- Jennifer S.


We purchased 3 doc band wraps over the course of a year. This is because our little guy ended up needing 3 doc bands. After applying 3 different wraps, we got better at it with each one. We learned two things: 1. Make sure you stretch the wrap enough so that there are no creases or folds. 2. Leave room on the edge so that you can add the finishing tape. Overall, we loved the wraps we had purchased! If we have to do this all again one day, we will be ordering again. Thank you!- Amanda M.


We loved your tutorials and we get comments every time we go out about how cute the minion is! - Ashley H.

I am a Baby Imaging Specialist at the Cranial Technologies in Cincinnati... I am just absolutely LOVING the decal stickers we ordered from you. We did a kind of Lisa Frank theme with the rainbow cheetah and unicorns decals! As a company, we can’t really promote per se, but I can (and do!) certainly share my personal experience via word of mouth. 

-Katie S.

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