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Illustrated White Cats

Custom Designs & Requests

We offer custom design services for local families for free. For non-local families, we do charge a fee, ranging from $15-$55 depending on intricacy level. We do not offer custom design services for anything involving logos/characters/etc. that contain copyrights. All custom design work includes proofs sent for approval & you can choose to have the final design file emailed to you for local printing or have the wrap/decals printed & shipped to you. Please just email for a quote! 

Examples of custom design requests below.




Request: I was curious if it would at all be possible to get one that is solid color in the Carhartt brown color and a charcoal gray - just like their stocking hats but without the logo since I am assuming you can’t use the logo.



Request: The image I was hoping for is the iconic look of Frida Kahlo in a modern way.

frida quote.JPG



Watercolor Ocean


I was looking for a watercolor underwater design. If possible, would we be able to add a diver to the design, her father is a big scuba diver. I would like to add her name, but don't want it to be the focal point of the helmet. 



Request: Could you custom make something with a black background with tie dye sunflowers and Gianni in white on the front band?

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