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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I order a custom sign?
    Click here to submit a custom request.
  • Why am I/am I not being charged taxes?
    Due to the fact that we only file retail sales tax in the state of North Carolina, you will only be charged sales tax if your shipping address is to a location in NC. If you are not charged sales tax and you do not have a sales tax exempt form you are required by law to report this purchase on your income tax return as a sales & use purchase. If you have a certificate from your state saying you are tax exempt, then you are not required to file in your state.
  • Why have you increased your prices?
    It's simply due to the increase in the raw goods we have to purchase to make the signs. The plastic, metal & vinyls themselves have nearly doubled since the beginning of the pandemic. We do all we can to keep the costs low for the congregations.
  • Why is shipping so expensive?
    We have the same question! All the shipping prices are just being passed along at cost. We have been shipping these signs for almost a decade now & have tried every type of box, shipping company, etc. over the years. We have decided to use FedEx because they have had the smallest number of damaged & lost packages than any other carrier we have used. We purchase boxes & packaging supplies from U-Line & aim to package in a way that ensures your signs will not be damaged no matter how they are treated in shipping. The price of the box we use is included in your shipping price. Rest assured though, we do not profit from the prices we charge for shipping.
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